01 Jan 2016

Cellular Car Starter

How to start your car with a cellphone

I figured out a way to cheaply start my car using a text message. I wanted to be able to do this because my office is quite the distance from where I park, and my current remote starter has a range of only 20 feet or so. Learn how to do this yourself by click the link below or watching my video tutorial.


Extend the range of my vehicle’s auto-start using the cheapest solution I can think of. I would also like to keep vehicle modifications to a minimum (or none).


Trigger the auto-start remote using an Arduino connected to a cell service. User will send an SMS message to the device, which will validate the message then trigger a relay which will cause the remote to send a signal and the car will start. The device will be left in the car and run off the vehicle’s battery.

Skills required

If you follow the tutorial, basic computer and electronics skills. I am assuming you can make connections using a bread board or soldering iron. I am also assuming your car already has a remote starter installed, and that you are willing to sacrifice one of the remotes.

Required Materials

This tutorial assumes you already have remote start on your car

Estimated Cost

Materials: $45

SIM & Service: $10 SIM Card + $6 monthly

Download Code: https://github.com/zenvent/RemoteCarStart