Zachary Crabtree

Software Developer, IT Specialist


Application developer interested in full stack development with a focus on back end functionality. Enjoys an agile environment with collaborative staff and those who are always seeking to improve.


  • Proficient in Java and a good working knowledge of its ecosystems
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Familiar with enterprise design, architectural patterns, app security
  • Capable with RESTful services, SOAP, MQ pub-sub messaging
  • Experience with cloud technologies, deployment strategies, design concepts


Languages General Java/J2EE, SQL (Oracle & DB2), NodeJS, NoSQL (MongoDB)
  Web React, Redux, JavaScript, JQuery, RESTful, SOAP, JSON, XML
  Libraries Spring, JSP, Express, Hibernate, Eclipselink
Software Code Eclipse, IntelliJ, VSCode
  Other Tools GIT, SVN, NPM, Maven, CloudFoundry, WebSphere, SPLUNK


Chase, Application Developer, 2016 - Present

Full stack developer in a transforming environment (from waterfall to agile). Add functionality to existing applications, as well as enhancements such as security and performance.

  • Application SME, technical lead and security champion
  • Lead production deployments, code review other teams, assist with other applications
  • Triage priority one production defects real time to prevent customer impact
  • Drastically reduced security risks and ASC (Application Security Champion) certification.
  • First to migrate older applications to new internal Cloud Foundry environment

Java + Spring (JSF/JSP), JAXB SOAP & REST, Maven, DB2 SQL (CRUD), Hibernate ORM, Cloud Foundry, Jenkins + Shell

Nationwide, Sr Software Developer, 2014 - 2016

Full stack developer in an agile environment at Nationwide’s Application Services department. Create new features and maintain existing functionality to transition a Tier 1 application from Swing to AngularJS. Lead, develop, and design complex features for massive retirement plan software.

  • Project tech lead for new mass alerting system, impacting millions of clients and customers
  • Full stack development on a top tier application in transition from Swing to AngularJS
  • Senior status in one year, advanced career path of coworker, and mentored an intern

Java + Mojo, Ant/Gradle, Oracle SQL (CRUD), Toplink ORM, ESP Batch, Swing, JAXB REST & SOAP, Angular

Cardinal Health, Software Analyst, 2012 - 2014

Provide Tier 1 & 2 hardware and software support to clients and customers across the nation. Supported both EDI document flow & NPS team simultaneously. Small team with limited to no resources on a brand new software rollout aimed to change pharmacy workflow entirely.

  • SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Nuclear Pharmacy Services (NPS)
  • Created and maintained support application “zNote” which streamlined note taking and provided fast and easy access to frequently needed information for the team.
  • Worked closely with Fusion development team on new software deployments



The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH, 2011 Associate Degree in General Education & Engineering


I am a maker. Construction, prototyping, and of course programming peak my interest. I invest heavily in robotics such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and laser fabrication. Electronic parts and experiments litter my home.

July 2018